Laws of logic

A comment from Surge Overov:
Why do people assume that logic is outside of nature? Logic are just rules that can be applied to almost all situations. The rules arise from nature, and the most general rules are “logical”. Lets take the rule of cause and effect as an example. If anyone has seen a baby drop food from their table and see the baby’s surprise, this is a moment when the baby infers the rule of cause and effect as well as consistent behavior. However, this cherish rule is violated on the quantum level, i.e. atomic scale. At this scale, the destination affects its path e.g. quantum tunneling. Or in philosophical terms, the effect first determined the cause so that the cause can determine the effect. Cause and effect works very well for almost all situations but fails plenty of times. If the rules of logic superseded nature, nature cannot violate them. If nature gave rise to these rules, then there would be circumstances where they would not apply.
@Surge – thanks for being up front about your view. Causation can only be inferred – not directly observed. We actually observe succession but it’s difficult to prove that any given succession is ever NECESSARY – A baby can drop its food and show no surprise at all by its own choice. It was not NECESSARY for the baby to show surprise. Consider the idea of dualism (there is a material world that changes but there is an immaterial world that includes things like the laws of logic and this immaterial world does not change). We cannot actually see the laws of logic or free will acting on the physical – actually we see a succession of events and the immaterial things can sometimes be INFERRED to be the cause. But that is in inference. When I make this inference based on the Christian world view (that laws of logic make sense and are real because God is real) I can justify the existence of the laws of logic. I can’t do that from a purely mechanistic, naturalistic worldview. Atheist certainly believe in and use laws of logic. They can be just as logical and create sound arguments – but they are using inferences of invariant concepts that they cannot justify soundly from a purely naturalist point of view. For example – if the laws of logic are only a reflection of the world we live in then they are CONTINGENT on the world. If that is so then we can’t actually count on them because there are too many places in the universe that we have never directly experienced. No one has experienced the future so how can we KNOW the laws of logic will work tomorrow? Only if we INFERthat the laws of logic are invariant and universal but that assumption doesn’t make sense if the laws of logic are contingent on the world as we experience it. This is true because different areas of the universe are DIFFERENT – so why should we expect the laws of logic or the uniformity of nature to exist everywhere and NOT be different when the actual physical place IS different? If the laws of logic are contingent on the physical world we should expect the laws to be different in different places – but we don’t believe this (nor have we experienced it so far)! Besides, the physical world is constantly changing so why should we expect the laws of logic to change too. Clearly, the laws of logic are NOT a reflection of the world. i believe the laws of logic are ETERNAL but I believe this because I believe God is eternal.My justification for the laws of logic being consistent flow from my view that God is real, eternal and rational – I can justify the laws of logic based on this worldview. He is the reason we can reasonably assume the laws of logic are universal – because He is universal. In an atheistic universe, invariant, abstract, universal laws can’t be adequately justified – without BORROWING concepts from the Christian worldview. Hope that helps…

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