A 4th of July THREAT to liberty we need to consider…

The following is commentary from Todd Starnes blog about the Romeike family, a German evangelical Christian family that is facing DEPORTATION after being GRANTED asylum in the United States because they insist on home schooling their children…

“The family was initially granted asylum, but the Department of Justice objected and demanded the Christian family be deported.

“Attorney General Holder is trying to seek dismissal of this case because he believes that targeting specific groups in the name of tolerance is within the normal legitimate functions of government,” said Michael Farris, chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association. “This cannot be the ultimate position of the United States without denying the essence of our commitment to liberty.”

In their latest court briefing, the Justice Department referenced international court rulings that held “parents could not refuse the right to education of a child on the basis of the parents’ convictions, because the child has an independent right to education.”

They also referenced a German court ruling that states “the general public has a justified interest in counteracting the development of religiously or philosophically motivated ‘parallel societies’ and in integrating minorities in this area.”

In other words, the German court believes it is the duty of the government to PREVENT parents from teaching their “religiously or philosophically motivated” values to their children. Instead, by law, children must be conditioned in a government approved educational environment to accept the moral and politically correct doctrines approved by the government to prevent “parallel societies”. This means the government in Germany, which has outlawed home schooling and requires all under-age children to go to public schools or government approved private schools only – is working to stamp out any belief system that does not support the government’s vision of how a society should function. In fact, the Romeike family has had the police forcibly escort their children from their home to the government approved school. They were being threatened with having custody of their children stripped away from them before they fled to the supposed safety of the “land of liberty”. But the United States, this “shining beacon” of hope from the oppression of tyrannical government intrusion, is bent on legally changing its mind and throwing them back to the wolves.

That, my friends, is not liberty. THAT is tyranny.

Now – our AMERICAN justice system approved asylum for this family but is now trying to deport them. This sends the message that our current leadership not only supports the German vision of how children should be educated but is intent on changing our system into the same vision. Imagine your local police department showing up at your door and forcibly escorting your kids to the local public school. Imagine them threatening custody of your children because you dare to teach them the “religious and philosophical” values of your faith as opposed to Big Brother’s approved curriculum. You may think I overstate the case, but this is exactly what is happening in Germany – a country we helped rebuild after a WAR against the very social fascism our forefathers died to defeat that is now the law of that land.

We dare not allow this to become the law of our land…

There is tremendous social and legal pressure AGAINST home schooling in America today (and religious education of other sorts). Now the justice department is getting involved. It seems our government isn’t interested in supporting my right to home school my kids.

Consider the Justice department’s citation of the international court rulings I cited above…”parents could not refuse the right to education of a child on the basis of the parents’ convictions, because the child has an independent right to education.…” This implies that the justice department supports this international court ruling in reference to home schooling. It implies that if I home school my kids I’m somehow denying their independent right to an education – even though I’m teaching them reading, writing and arithmetic (and history, music, science, foreign language etc). By the way, this curriculum base does constitute an “education” – but clearly not in the view of certain government zealots. Obviously, home schooling threatens some aspect of “education” in the justice department’s view. Supporting this international court ruling and working to deport a home schooling family are evidence of this shift in our government’s thinking.

Now – It was once argued to me that as a parent I was not professionally qualified to teach my own kids. I had to point out to that person that I have a Bachelor’s degree, an Associate’s degree and I’ve held professional public school teaching credentials in three states (not to mention 30+ post baccalaureate credits in education). I have been recognized by the states that I have lived in as a qualified professional educator. In that qualification I not only am fully able to teach my own kids but I am here to say that the VAST majority of home school parents I know are by far more qualified to teach than most of my colleagues were in the public system – regardless of the degrees that may or may not hang on their living room walls. I’ve known plenty of home school parents without “qualified” teacher training who have produced highly educated students that excel BY FAR above the national average on standardized tests. The intrusion of government in this area is not only a threat to liberty it is an insult to the abilities and interests of parents.

This is beyond dangerous.

With this sort of thinking we may as well change the uniforms of our police and military into shiny RED COATS and take a step back in time. It was for PRECISELY this sort of freedom from government tyranny that the founders came to this country in the first place. The founders of the United States came here because they were NOT free to teach their CHILDREN from the Bible in England. It is politically incorrect to talk about the Pilgrims today but the truth is they gave up their homes, their livelihoods, their families and even their lives for the simple right to be able to teach the Bible to their children. THEY were home school families – and it is reasonable to argue that this entire country was founded on the right to home school our children without government approval of our curriculums. To support the deportation of this family is to trample on the graves of our founders and betray the blood they shed.

Lest you think this article is “anti-public school” let me point out that I attended public schools from kindergarten through my teacher education training. Some of my kids have attended public schools – and some have been home schooled. I was a public school educator for years. I have nothing directly against the public system as a construct (although I have much against the current of aberrant educational and social philosophy that infects the system). I’m glad a free education is available for kids of every ethnic background and social tier. I DO believe kids can go to public schools and still be taught or influenced by the religious and moral values of their parents.

But I cannot be silent over a government move that threatens the liberty of parents to decide what is in the best interest of their own children. This is government tyranny – nearly at its worst…

It is for this reason I urge you to support the effort of the Romeike’s family to experience the liberty this country was founded on and supposedly fights to protect. I urge you to do this even if you think that home school is not in the best interest of kids. You are free to believe this and put your kids in the public school system. But your freedom rests on the right for ME to home school my kids if I choose to (and my wife and I do). I urge you to twitter and facebook this issue out into the open.

Ex libris…



About Patrick C Marks

The basics are…really basic. I’m a husband, father of 5, teacher, pastor, writer and a musician. I am also…bald...I have a crooked back (had to wear a back brace when I was a kid – ultimate geek with a piece of plastic and aluminum that made me look like a cyborg)...I dye my goatee so I don’t look like I have one foot in the grave and I would do much better if I actually USED the gym membership I pay for. I blog about things that matter to me and I write everything from non-fiction books about Evolution and Creation to short stories about being chased by bears. In short - I don't fit many molds but I can be entertaining.
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2 Responses to A 4th of July THREAT to liberty we need to consider…

  1. Mark says:

    When the family return to Germany their children will be taken away into a privately run but government sponsored home. They are enforcing laws that Hitler passed to control future generations.

  2. Dawn Casey says:

    This *is* why I homeschool my children.

    Shockingly, my children read major works of literature, Newberry Award winning books, and historical fiction; they learn art, English, math, reading, spelling, history, geography, and even French, and OMG! the Bible…

    Myself and many others use textbooks (with teacher answer keys), or pre-made curriculums. It means I can teach my kids things I do not know myself. They check so many books out of the library we’ve exploded more than one book bag. They can talk about subjects most kids have never even heard of.

    My youngest kid is two years ahead of his peers, plus he can actually write in cursive, which apparently they’ve stopped teaching in public schools.

    Most homeschooled kids can outperform any public schooler on tests, in probably every subject. Granted, there are homeschoolers that are actually Unschoolers, and though I don’t agree with that philosophy THEY HAVE THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE TO DO IT.

    And for the record I also hold a college degree. And I like math. And there is a real frog in formaldehyde in my closet, just waiting to be dissected.

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