Hello Internet World – my name is Patrick C. Marks and I am the author of, a website designed to help you understand the differences between Evolution and the teachings about creation from the Bible. The website, along with the companion book “Someone’s Making A Monkey Out Of You,” ( breaks down complex scientific issues in a quick, easy-to-understand way. It is ideal for teaching and both the book and the website offer memory acronyms to help you remember the information. Packed with more than 200 references and quotes from Ph.D.’s from almost every scientific discipline, is there to provide you with Biblically sound and scientifically accurate answers to Evolutionary teaching.

But you may be wondering “Why are you so into Creationism and what gives you any right to say anything about it anyway?”

Those are good questions…

It all started in Jr. High School science class. I remember getting a ribbon for my presentation on Evolution. I even made a cool cardboard display, complete with aluminum foil, hand drawings of dinosaurs and a shoe-box diorama.

My dad didn’t know what to make of it but when he heard that Dr. Duane T. Gish was speaking at a small church in our town he decided to take me along for the ride. Dr. Gish demonstrated in a powerful, fact-by-fact way that Evolution was not an established fact of science and the Bible could be trusted.

That evening changed my life. I’ve been studying Creation and Evolution ever since. I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading and studying this subject. I’ve read and studied more than 50 volumes written by established authorities in nearly every field of science. I even became a Jr. High and High School science teacher.

And that’s why I am so into the whole Creation vs. Evolution thing. I’m the sort of person who isn’t going to believe something unless you can show me credible evidence that I should believe it.

In other words, I’m not a Christian today because my Mommy took me to church. I found out I can put my trust in the Bible because plain, hard, cold, honest, powerful, compelling evidence shows me the Bible is the single best explanation for the world.

And we’re not talking here about something you believe because it makes you feel good. We’re talking about something you can believe because the FACTS are IN.

C.S. Lewis said that once he faced the facts he became “the most reluctant convert in all of England.” He knew it would be intellectual cowardice not to face the obvious – only GOD could have pulled this universe off.

C.S. Lewis: As Cowardly As Chuck Norris

I was the same sort of person – I had to see the bedrock of the facts. is the summary of my continuing research. My book, “Someone’s Making A Monkey Out Of You” ( is the basic information you can also find on the website. I hope you check them both out today.

“The Far Frigid North” (Kindle price just .99, A hilarious short tale.

“Legend” (Kindle price $1.99, A full length, Christian Suspense Thriller.

Someone’s Making a Monkey Out of You” (Kindle price $2.99, hard copy $9.95, Why Evolution is science FICTION. Foreword by Dr. Duane T. Gish, Vice Presidend emeritus, Institute for Creation Research, Dallas TX.

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