Understanding Evolution and Creation is my book designed to help you understand the differences between Evolution and the teachings about creation from the Bible. The book ( breaks down complex scientific issues in a quick, easy-to-understand way. Packed with more than 200 references and quotes from almost every scientific discipline, Understanding Evolution and Creation is there to provide you with Biblically sound and scientifically accurate answers to Evolutionary teaching.

But you may be wondering “Why are you so into Creationism and what gives you any right to say anything about it anyway?”

Those are good questions…

It all started in Jr. High School when my dad took me to see Dr. Duane T. Gish speaking at a small church in our town. Dr. Gish demonstrated, in a powerful, fact-by-fact way, that Macro-Evolution was not an established fact of science and the Bible could be trusted.

That evening changed my life. I’ve been studying Creation and Evolution ever since. I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading and studying the writings of established authorities in nearly every field of science. I eventually completed a Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics along with a second Master of Arts in Theology.

This is why I am so into the whole Creation vs. Evolution thing. And the same kind of plain, hard, cold, honest, powerful, compelling evidence that shows why the universe had to have been Created by God also shows that the Bible is the single best explanation for life, the universe and everything.

I’ve written out a large part of my research in my book, Understanding Evolution and Creation ( so I hope you check it out today. I’ve also written a short story and two novels, all of which have apologetic content too.

Understanding Evolution and Creation. ( Why Evolution is science FICTION. Foreword by Dr. Duane T. Gish, Vice President emeritus, Institute for Creation Research, Dallas TX.

The Far Frigid North. ( A hilarious short tale about bears and near death experiences with outhouses.

Legend: A novel. (  A full length, Christian Suspense Thriller. A research team struggles to climb on the world’s most dangerous mountains in search of the remains of a legend.

Crash: A novel. ( A full length, Christian Young Adult novel. Hijackers ditch an airliner into the remote Canadian wilderness and seventeen-year-old Kyle Reynolds, somehow survives the crash.

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