Legend is a full length suspense thriller available for your Kindle reader and in hard copy at amazon.com…


A research team struggles to climb one of the world’s most dangerous mountains in search of the remains of a legend. In the shadows of their back-trail, a ruthless terrorist cell tracks their every move plotting to have them murdered. Meanwhile in California; a co-ed is murdered for knowing too much. But every killing is part of an elaborate smokescreen, the scheme of a cunning mastermind’s efforts to manipulate a multi-billion dollar oil contract into his pocket.

Legend tells this story through the eyes of Dr. Rick Jacobs, a California surgeon flailing his way past a failed marriage and an estranged relationship with his only daughter. The story begins with the bewildering murder of Rick’s ex-girlfriend, Tracey Penn. Rick is a suspect; but before he can clear himself of suspicion he is tossed headlong into the mysterious circumstances surrounding Tracey’s death. Whoever killed Tracey is pursuing him, but the clues she left behind don’t seem to make any sense. Even worse, the trail connects him with a group of Intelligent Design scientists and Rick has to deal with questions he has avoided all his life. Rick follows the baffling trail from California to Europe and the Middle East, dodging assassins and the inevitable soul searching a man must face when confronted with his own mortality, until he finds himself face to face with a religious relic half the world believes is a legend – and the other half is willing to kill to cover up.

Legend is a suspense thriller similar to John Grisham’s The Pelican Brief and David Baldacci’s Split Second.


Patrick C. Marks is the author of Understanding Evolution and Creation, an Evolution vs. Creation question and answer book. He holds a Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies and is the Pastor of Calvary Chapel FourteenSix in Surprise, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix.

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