Understanding Evolution and Creation

Available on amazon Kindle at https://goo.gl/bo5sCi

What you believe about where you came from has a lot to say about who you are and what should matter in your life. Understanding Evolution and Creation is a book designed to help you understand the differences between Evolution and the teachings about creation from the Bible. This book breaks down complex scientific issues in a quick, easy-to-understand way. Ideal for teaching, the book also includes memory acronyms to provide you with Biblically sound and scientifically accurate answers when you encounter Evolutionary teaching.

“In this book, Marks provides a thorough treatment of practically every important subject related to origins. I highly suggest to all of those who are interested in the Creation / Evolution controversy to obtain a copy of this book. It is one of the best I have seen. (From the forward)

Duane T. Gish, Ph.D. Senior Vice President Emeritus, Institute for Creation Research, Dallas, TX

“Over the years in dealing with kids and young people to the extent that I have, the subject of evolution and creation is a common topic. I’m thankful that Patrick Marks has taken the urgency seriously enough to address the questions.  By giving them a guideline and breaking down simple truths, he has put together a book that is a ‘must read’ for anyone; but especially our youth.”

Pastor Bill Wilson, Founder and Senior Pastor, Metro Ministries, Brooklyn, NY

“Patrick Marks offers thought-provoking information to dispel the myth that Darwinism is a slam-dunk position.”

Bill McKeever, Christian Apologist, mrm.org


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